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Everyone I RP with deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for not killing me when I don’t reply for like a month


If you have been waiting days for a reply from me…

or weeks

or months


A Quiet Night



"Things have been very quiet lately." He agreed, shifting Greyurra so she could look at Lexie, the baby had been trying to see her since she heard her mother’s voice, "There she is." He said to Greyurra, as she locked her sights on Lexie.

He thought about whether or not drow infants were normally quiet, “I can’t say really. I never really saw any drow children this young. I’ve never heard complaining anyone complain about crying, though.” He paused letting his daughter grasp his finger again.

"I forget that this isn’t normal for you." Lexie said gently, "But she is very calm, and very alert for her age."

Lexie perched on the arm of the chair and stroked her daughters head, “She looks like you.” she smiled.


having original characters is incredible because you make up these people and give them lives and motivation and personalities and then you can smash them together in romances or kill them and no one can stop you, fucking nobody

Slave AU with sugared-satyr



"Oh, no I will eat whatever you tell me to eat, master- um Chaos, sorry." He blushed at his mistake, he looked to the food on the table, breads and vegetables, things he had eaten back home, he wondered idly if Chaos would be able to acquire flowers for him to eat. 

"I am not a great lover of meat, I can live without it I am sure, vegetable broths and whatnot suit me fine as well as bread and such." He smiled to show Chaos all really was well. 

"Are you sure you want me to sit at the table to eat with you?" He was usually banished to the kitchen to eat whatever was given to him, be it stale or so mouldy that it could have walked away on its own. 

"I can read and write, I would be good if you needed me to carry letters across the city and I can sew!" He just wanted to be of service to Chaos, though the way the man grimaced at his offers he was sure none of his offers would be taken.

"I can do other things… things my master only came to me for once the sun had gone down.." 

"Of course I want you to sit here with me, I’d be a bit lonely otherwise." he smiled, pulling a chair out for the satyr.

He sat down opposite him and began to pick a few things to fill his plate. “Look, I really don’t need a slave, if you want to help out that is great, but you have to remember that if you need anything at all, you just have to ask.”

Chaos had just torn off a piece of bread and had it halfway to his mouth when Kithane continued, making his stop completely, frozen almost.

"He.. he forced you?” he said, shocked, “Kithane, I.. I would never…” he stuttered, “I promise you, you’ll never have to do anything in this house that you don’t want to..”



"Focus on my voice.."



Just how much blood he had lost was a mystery to Shaz, although it was enough to drag him to a very brink of consciousness. At the moment Lisette’s voice was really the only thing that kept him awake. He didn’t know if he called for her, or if she was around the whole time.

And where did this all blood even come from? Part of it was definitely coming from the place on his left arm where his broken bone pierced it and two stab wounds on his side, not very deep ones. There was also blood coming from his nose and mouth, however that was his own doing.


Inside Shaz leaned his back on the closed door attempting to regulate his breathing. Lisette ran straight to bathroom… right, all this blood had to be troublesome for her. He had a minute or two before she would return with needed equipment. Good.

After taking a deep breath and clenching his jaw, Shaz grabbed firmly his left arm below the wound and pulled. He could feel the bone and flesh shifting in the rip as he kept pulling. Shaz even managed to not vocalize his pain too much. It took a moment, but the bone was eventually on its right place and all that remained was pulsating pain in his arm.

He took the effort to walk further into the room only to drop on the couch. Sitting there with his head leaned back Shaz watched Fang curiously sniffing on the blood through half-closed eyes. 

When Lisette came back out she went straight over to the sofa where Shaz was, Fang standing almost protectively over him.

"Oh.. you did it yourself." she said, looking at his arm, "I have no idea how fast or how well you heal, Shaz. What do you need me to do? I mean, is that gonna heal by tomorow or in a week or what?" she asked, sitting down carefully next to him, "And don’t dare tell me to go away or that you don’t need help. Even if all you need is sleep or food, tell me."

The Doghouse




Dante almost laughed as the bar quieted down, like something out of a corny Old West movie or something. Then, he heard Daisy mutter to him: “And I thought YOU were the biggest and ugliest one I’d ever seen in here,” forcing him to restrain a sputter of amusement.

He knew this type, they thought that just being huge was enough to command respect. Well, he’d reserve judgement until he knew more about this guy. Obviously Lisette saw… something in him, anyway. Something besides being a big burly guy with white hair… which was pretty hilarious when you thought about it.

He gave a noncommittal grunt and a nod, poured a shot for the guy. No reason not to be polite. 

The middle aged woman’s comment did not pass unnoticed by Shaz. He had a feeling Lisette wouldn’t appreciate him causing a fraud, therefore he decided to refrain from any reactions… for now. 

Nodding back at Dante he took the glass and downed the drink.

'That's not bad…' he muttered looking at the bottle. Then he looked back at Lisette and smirked slightly. 'Well my flatmate didn't wanna stay alone, held me back for a minute.'

"Still jealous of all the attention you give me, huh?" she laughed, "Come on, sit next to me, I already look even smaller than normal sat between you two without you towering over me." she teased.

"So, have I gotta get you guys talking then, or wait till the whiskey kicks in?" she knew how this went though, the two men sizing each other up; no point in trying to force things, they would either get on or they wouldn’t. She tipped back her glass, downing the shot in one go as she watched them.

AU~ Child!El



He shrugged at her question, no one had scratched him behind the ears before, they usually stayed well away from him and his freakish features. He hadn’t had a hug in so long, didn’t have much to purr about. 

"I don’t know… do you want to try?"

"Okay!" Izzy smiled, reaching out and scratching gently behind El’s ear, "I wish I had something interesting like that, my friend can turn into a fish." she said, chattering away.


Brandon Vallotton Knives

Pencil thingy! You should totally draw a pissed off Lisette :D


send me a “✎” and ill draw your muse

I tried!… It’s very sketchy, sorry.

*whispers* if anybody else wants a pencil thingy I am still willing to take requests. Honestly, we could have never spoken before. I wanna

Ahhhhh it’s awesome! Lisette gon cut a bitch

Polyamory for Writers


Every so often, the cry goes up: “Fewer love triangles and more threesomes!” But what if you’re a writer who wants to write some polyamorous relationships, but you’re not sure where to start?

This article is here to help.

Please note that this is not a guide about how to be in a polyamorous relationship. That ground has been covered by other people in more depth and detail than I will ever be able to manage. (I have some good articles for you to read at the end of this piece, should you be looking for that.) This is a quick guide about writing polyamorous characters, how poly relationships work, and special concerns writers need to watch out for. This is not a comprehensive post, but it should give you a place to start.

(As for why I wrote this: I am a writer who has identified as poly for her entire adult life, and have been in a number of different varieties of poly relationships over the years, including a committed triad. I have a lot of experience with poly relationships—including messing them up. I figured that if anyone’s going to write something like this, it’s going to be me.)

Ready to go?  The good stuff is under the cut.

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Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

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